We are the original “Yellow Bag People.”  We are the manufacturer—we make the bags we sell!  Other companies sell thinner bags with fewer bags per roll that will tear under average loads.  They have imitated our look, but never our quality. Our bags are bigger, stronger, have more bags per roll, and are made with premium resins. 

yellow quality.jpg

39 Gallon, 25 bags/roll


39 Gallon, 25 bags/roll

green quality.jpg

39 Gallon, 25 bags/roll

blue quality.jpg

55 Gallon, 16 bags/roll

white quality.jpg

15 Gallon, 65 bags/roll

Red Happy Holiday - 39 Gallon, 25 bags/roll

Orange Jack O’Lantern – 50 individual bags per case



Custom printed bags are also available.  You can have your school or group logo printed on the side of the bag.  Your fundraising representative will work with you to determine the best bag and print color for your group.