Celebrating over 40 years of successful fundraisers


The Perfect Fundraiser


Any size group or organization can be successful with a trash bag fundraiser! Schools, churches, athletic teams, dance studios, cub scouts, and marching bands (just to name a few) have all been very successful in raising big profits year after year!


Real people. Real profits. 


High School Band


Grade School


Middle School

We have been selling these trash bags since the 1990’s. This is the best repeat fundraising program going! We even have families that no longer have children in our school that still continue to buy bags from us every year!
— Roberta, Teacher
Our PTO has used Frontier Bag as our main fundraiser for 30 years now, and we couldn’t be happier! Profits are fantastic and the product is always top of the line! Frontier Bag is a great company to work with.
— Alexa, PTO President
We replaced our magazine drive with selling trash bags. We get better profits and our supporters appreciate an item they need and use!
— Mary, Director of Advancement
Great product and simple program! Our best and only fundraiser for over 20 years with $40,000 in profit year in and year out!
— Linda, HSO Board

There's a Fundraiser for everyone.