Why should I sell trash bags as a fundraiser?

Although trash bags may not be what immediately comes to mind when thinking of fundraising products, the schools, teams, and organizations we have been partnering with for over 40 years have experienced incredible success with our products. Most of these fundraising partners see their trash bag fundraising profits steadily grow each year. Trash bags are an item everyone needs every day, every season, all year long! Our bags are of the highest quality - and it shows with the repeat business our fundraisers receive year after year. 

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When is the best time to do a fundraiser?

Anytime is the best time!  Spring, summer, fall, or winter!!  Everyone needs trash bags 365 days a year.  Whenever you’re in need of a fundraiser, it’s the right time!

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How much do I make per roll?

You set your selling price, and you set your own profit margin! Your fundraising representative will work with you personally to help you and your organization reach your profit goals.

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Do I order the fundraising bags by the case or by the roll?

Bags can be sold by the roll, but your final order to Frontier Bag will be by the case.  There are 10 rolls per case – all colors.

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How long will it take to receive my order?

On average, you will receive your order in 2-4 days. Your personal fundraising representative will be able to give you specific shipping details once your order is placed based on your location.

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How much is shipping?

Frontier Bag covers all shipping charges based on a minimum order of 25 cases.

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Where are the bags made?

Our fundraiser bags are proudly made in Kansas City, Missouri USA

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